Mizo Glossary.

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Aizawl: The State Capital of Mizoram and the heartland of Presbyterian activity.

BCM: Baptist Church of Mizoram.

BESY: Bible Society of India.

Biakin: Church / Chapel (Building).

Biakinpui: Mother Church.

CYLA: Central Youth Lai Association.

EFCI: Evangelical Free Church of India.

Hla: Hymn.

Hmaichhe: Woman.

Inkhawm: Service / Worship / Meeting.

Inkhawmpui: Important Meeting / Special Congregational Meeting / Special Conference.

ITI: Industrial Training Institute, Aizawl, Presbyterian (ITI Veng).

KNP: Kristian Naupang Pawl. Christian children’s organization.

Kohhran: Church (Congregation).

KTP: Kristian Thalai Pawl Presbyterian Youth Group.

Lai: One of the Mizo tribes who live around Lawngtlai.

LIKBK: Lairam Isua Krista Baptist Kohhran. Lai Baptist Church of Jesus Christ.

Lalpa: The Lord.

Lunglei: The Mizo town which is the centre of Baptist activity in the South.

Lawmin: Joyful / Happy / Grateful.

Lawngtlai: The home town of the Lai tribe of Mizoram.

Lushai: (or the Lushai Hills) The old name for Mizoram.

Mara: One of the tribes of Mizoram who live around Siaha.

Mizo. The main language of Mizoram, or those who speak Mizo and come from Mizoram.

Mizoram. The Indian State of Mizoram.

MTKP: Mizoram Thalai Kristian Pawl Baptist Youth Group.

MZI: Mizo Zaimi Insuihkhawm Mizo Singers Union.

Naupang: Children.

PYD: Pentecostal Youth Department, United Pentecostal Church.

Pastor Bial: Pastorate.

Pathian: God.

Pathianthu: The word(s) of God.

Pathian Lehkhabu: The Bible / the book of God.

Ropui: Great.

Siaha: (also Saiha) The home town of the Mara tribe of Mizoram.

TBZ: ‘Thlarau Bo Zawng’ The Lost Soul Hunters.

Thianghlim: Holy.

Thlarau: Soul / Spirit.

Veng: Place / Locality (as in Mission Veng, Market Veng or Bazar Veng).

Vengthar: New locality.

WMC: Wesley Methodist Church.

YMA: Young Mizo Association.

Zai: Sing.

Zaipawl: Choir.

With thanks to Lucy, a missionary daughter and
serving Mizo missionary, whose Mizo name means:
‘God’s kingdom is being expanded’.


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